Wheel of the Year: Living in Harmony with Gaia

Whole Course – £290

Distant Learning – £40

Live and interactive video class – £40

Wheel of the Year: Living in Harmony with Gaia

You can choose to work with all of the Eight Festival dates or join in at any festival date.

Or you can obtain the video of the class and work by yourself

Working with natural cycles: Casting Celtic Magic

Maria and Matilda on this fascinating new and exciting group Zoom course of eight 1-hour classes that taps into the wisdom of our ancestral past.

The course prepares you – one week in advance – of each of the Eight Festival Dates to work with the prevailing, in-coming and powerful energies.

Each festival date is like a portal of energy that can be tapped into, to bring us into balance with the seasons and each festival day has its own innate magic and energy. Little wonder that our ancient ancestors said that on these days the veil between this world and the next grows thin. At these times, Gaia’s earth energies are aroused and can assist us in removing blockages and obstacles and give us guidance and a sense of direction and purpose.

The festival dates are:

Samhain – 1st November
Winter Solstice – 21st December
Imbolc – 1st February
Spring Equinox – 21st March
Beltane – 1st May
Summer Solstice – 21st June
Lammas – 1st August
Autumn Equinox – 21st September


Zoom Group Class Dates are:

We are live on Zoom on Fridays (Freya’s Day) 6 pm London Time

We begin Friday 10th March for the preparations for the Spring Equinox
Beltane Preparations – 21st April
Summer Solstice Preparations – 16th June
New Moon Lammas Preparations – 21st July
Autumn Equinox Preparations – 15th September
Celtic New Year Samhain Preparations – 27th October
Winter Solstice and Imbolc Preparations – 15th December


Matilda is a 19th-generation white witch who is very experienced in the Craft and has generation after generation of  Craft wisdom and knowledge given to her, and she will gladly share this with you. Her experience of working with the Wheel of the Year is second to none. She will give you a deep and personal understanding of the Craft, knowledge of the cycles of the solar year, and how to weave powerful magic into your life to bring love and abundance.

Her understanding and knowledge will guide you to:

  • Bring the seasons into your life and your home.
  • Cast a magic circle
  • How to bring balance into your life
  • Cast powerful energy spells
  • How to let go and give thanks
  • Removing and cutting cords
  • How to create abundance in all areas of your life
  • Working with the natural creativity of magic with Nature.


Maria will bring her love of earth energies, knowledge of sacred sites, and practical understanding of Celtic Magic so that we can grow and work with Gaia’s magical cycles.

Her understanding and knowledge will guide you to:

  • Discover the sacred earth energies within your home, and how to work with them
  • Sacred sites that are empowered by the Eight Festival Dates and how we can attune to their energy from afar
  • Working with Celtic Ogham symbols for empowerment, healing and protection – choosing Ogham cards will be apart of this class
  • Candle Magic, ancient wisdom, sacred ways to manifest
  • The sacred planetary hours and how to work with their innate power