House and Land Clearing

I have been house ‘clearing’ for half of my life. Unlike some house healers, I believe that moving Gaia’s energy lines, such as leys, is not harmonious, as Gaia knows where here energy lines should flow; after all our Earth Mother is 4 billion years old with immense wisdom and I will certainly not move her energetic system. But what I can do is to communicate with the land and the home to understand the energies, and work with them, by simply raising the harmonic signature and colour frequency of the line or earth flow within the home.

I use various pendulums, including Egyptian pendulums, to clear and raise the frequency. I work with the energy as some animals and insects need energy that may not be harmonious to humans for their survival. By raising the colour frequency, the energies become more benign. I  also interpret how each household member is influenced by Gaia’s energy. I communicate with your home and the land upon which you live by using the 16 Earth Divination Symbols which are the moods, expression and wisdom of Gaia – an age-old divination system, if I feel the situation is appropriate. Love the land you live upon and live in harmony with Gaia.

Email for more details regarding your home.