Geomancy Readings: Seeking Gaia’s Wisdom

NEWS: COMING SOON: A DECK OF GEOMANCY CARDS AND BOOKLET Written by Maria and illustrated by Fiona Hughes and Robert Marron. To be published by Wooden Books, Glastonbury.

Geomancy readings with Maria. I first came across Geomancy, which is often called Earth Divination, in my late 20s. I have been using this system for readings for over 25 years.  Geomancy is one of the oldest divination systems known to humankind and I developed a card system based upon the archaic wisdom of our ancestors. Millennia ago, you would have thrown seeds upon the ground, or used a staff to make indentations in the earth to cast a reading; alternatively, you can draw dots on a piece of paper to replicate the staff indentations.  Geomancy cards can be used for personal readings and they give direct answers and wise motherly advice

Geomancy uses 16 symbols that represent the moods, advice and expressions of Gaia. By consulting the cards, you are consulting the wisdom of Mother Earth. Some of the cards represent Gaia’s seasons, the spring, summer, autumn and winter. If we choose one, the card is showing that nature is reflected within us. For example, choosing Spring would imply a new chapter is about to unfold as in the springtime life resurfaces and buds anew.

Earth Power Symbols

Over the decades, working closely with the geomantic symbols and with earth energy, I noted that some of the symbols are immensely positive and all-powerful and each power symbol has a mirror opposite; like a challenging partner card. I call the positive symbols-power symbols-because they are! The eight power symbols can be used to clear negative or stagnant energies or even blockages represented by their mirror opposite. Their power is that they can negate the challenging card drawn by showing us its polarity to bring back balance and harmony to our lives. This is useful guidance.

 Example of a Power Symbol

All of the geomancy cards are associated with a tree to embody the living life force of the card. Laetitia is a power symbol that means joy and it brings happiness and abundance into our lives. In Nature, Laetitia represents the warmth and joy of summer and its energy is represented by the cherry tree said by country lore to bring happiness into our lives.

Whereas, the darker green card is Laetitia’s mirror opposite, which is called Tristitia that means sorrow and sadness. In Nature Tristitia is the coldness that winter brings. In nature, Tristitia’s living energy can be found in the Blackthorn tree, which is associated with harsh winters. However, Tristitia and blackthorn energy can prepare us for the necessary loss in order to facilitate a rebirth. Blackthorn can help us to see the positive within the negative. Mediating on the power symbol or drawing the power symbol creates a bridge from sorrow to joy. Yin and Yang, day and night, the geomancy cards encourage the union of opposites and not polarity. The names of the cards go back to medieval times when they were Latinised.

Lighter cards are the power symbol cards