Dowsing Earth Energy Workshops 2021


The Polisher Stone, the Valley of the Stones and the Templar’s Bath Stone

April 10th 2021

The Polisher Stone on Overton Down is a very unusual and powerful stone. It is a fine example of a Neolithic axe-grinding stone and there is only one other example in situ in Britain.

Neolithic men and women once used the deep grooves to sharpen axes and arrowheads. At the side is a shallow recess area that is very smooth to touch and was used as a polisher.

Originally, it stood upright acting as an ‘entrance’ stone when approaching the Avebury environs from the north. Standing close to the ancient Ridgeway, a Mesolithic road, its location is highly significant. The Ridgeway is sited upon a geodetic energy flow that boosts physical energy levels

A few metres away stands a female triangular-shaped stone called Aethelferthe’s Stone which has been deliberately erected upright and shaped so that its apex points skywards. It marks a healing crossing and nodal point of two geodetic energies that make a distinctive earth energy pattern defines healing earth energy emissions.

The East Overton charter of AD 939 described this stone as a ‘boundary stone of Aethelferthe’. However, this megalith was probably erected during the Neolithic or Bronze Age and was simply adopted as a boundary stone in the early medieval period.

We will have lunch at the Valley of the Stones and then explore the sacred Motherland of Avebury Henge from whence the stones were transported. Upon this elevated ground, no traffic noise can be heard only the skylarks over head make this landscape timeless and the scattered sarsen stones have a special spirit of place.

We will interact with earth currents, ley lines and geodetic energies – such as the track line and their parallels and the healing geodetic crossing energies.

Lunch at The Valley of the Stones – the Motherland of Avebury Henge

If we have permission on the day, we will visit the Templar’s Bath which is a highly usual sarsen stone containing a basin. Through 2 feet of solid sarsen stone a plughole was forged. I interpret this as a sacred Neolithic ‘Font’ stone that is currently on private land.  Due to its age, and original position on the chalk down land, I have established that it was used by the long skulled people in holy water ceremonies.

Uffington White Horse Complex and the Male and Female Vortex Energy Zones

May 8th 2021 – 10:30am to 3:30pm

This remarkable landscape consists of Wayland smithy long barrow, Uffington castle, the White Horse and Dragon hill.

We will explore the history, mysticism and energies of these wonderful places as well as the Holy History of the sites seen though a past life regressions cases.

Hermaphrodite Earth Energy

Like a golden spiritual thread, a Genesis line, which is a meandering hermaphrodite earth current, connects each sacred site to one another. Unlike the well-documented Mary and Michael energy currents, or other polarity currents, this form of energy contains both male and female aspects of creation and it is a Hermaphrodite current that brings balance and harmony to the land and its people.

Soul Awareness

Some people have experienced a realisation of their Soul’s Divine Purpose on the pulsing energy zones of this Hermaphrodite current.

Wayland Smithy Long Barrow and the long skulled civilisation

Creating an intimate stone temple, the long skulled people noted that the Genesis current pulses in 7 to 8 places and these energy points are likened to Earth Chakras that can gently open our own chakras is a gift from Gaia. 

We will locate these chakra points and interact with the energy, I will show you that Waylands Smithy Phase 1 barrow was originally sited upon the Heart Chakra, and we will discuss and attune the memory of the past held within the deep waters sited below.

Also, flowing across the landscape are the polarity solar and lunar Elen and Belinus earth energy currents, and we will interact with the male and female currents discovered by the authors of the Spine of Albion Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare.

Dragon Hill – Mother Hill of Vortex Energy

Dragon Hill is legendary and associated with many myths from being Uther Pendragon’s final resting place, to the location where St George slew the pagan dragon.

Dragon Hill is one of the most sacred places in the entire area in terms of earth energy, as upon the summit, Dragon Hill releases a yin and a yang vortex. These two parent vortexes birth the Genesis current and Maria will show you proof of this. Our experiments at Avebury’s equivalent showed its existence is remarkable.

The White Horse

At the White Horse, Maria will show you an age-old rite of Walking The Horse for good luck for the forthcoming year. And we will employ a form of archaeological dowsing to locate the old forms of the horse – was it once female and pregnant? Early depictions show it not dragon or horse like but clearly feline.

If we have time, we will visit Uffington Castle, we will dowse for earth energies and also for the esoteric centre marked by a geospiral that relates to the Throat Chakra. Uffington Castle was said to be one of the favourite castles of Uther Pendragon – King Arthur’s father.

Stanton Drew Stone Circles of the Goddess – and Stoney Littleton long barrow

June 5th 2021 – 10:30am to 3:30pm

Stanton Drew has three stone circles all of which are dedicated to the Divine Feminine.

The stone circles represent the Earth, Moon and Venus, and remarkably, if the size of the greater circle is figured as the size of the Earth, the smaller stone circle becomes the size of the Moon. This is very accurate and reflects our ancestors understanding of the planetary diameters in the heavens and reproducing below on Earth creates a deep celestial-earth-megalith relationship.

Female earth energies

Reflecting the divine feminine symbolism in the sky is the fact that the ancients sited the stones predominantly on female geodetic energies, which gives the complex a unique geodetic-goddess signature.

At Avebury, and many other sacred sites, there is often male and female earth energies. Stanton Drew goddess stone temple must have been related to a priestesshood and we will dowse and interact with the forms of feminine earth energy, some of which are influenced by the Moon and Venus transits will be demonstrated.

Temple of Venus

Venus in the heavens marks out a beautiful pattern

By John Martineau

The Cove Stones at Stanton Drew

Stoney Littleton long barrow  

After lunch, we will travel to Stoney Littleton long barrow which is a Neolithic long mound with inner stone chambers. Maria will share with you her research on the people of the past, and show you depictions of the long skulls from the barrow and speak of their understanding of the land’s energies.

Healing geodetic emergence points and energy flows

The geodetic earth energies of Stoney Littleton are spectacular making this long barrow very unique. This is because from particular areas earth energy rises and emerges defining healing locations outside of the barrow.

At these points, the aura is showered with cleansing energy and then the geodetic energy flows inside of the barrow where the earth energy can heal/calm/realign making the Stoney Littleton experience special. We will dowse for emergence points of geodetic energy healing areas within and without of the barrow and walk upon their flows to gain maximum healing.

Within the Womb of the Barrow

Dowsing Professionally

July 10th 2021

The Stonehenge Environs

August 7th 2021

Rediscovering the landscape, we will visit the Cuckoo Stone, Woodhenge, the Stonehenge Avenue, the Cursus barrows, and a long lost healing temple discovered by a Master Dowser many decades ago.

At the Cuckoo Stone, we will locate the largest geospiral in the area which can gentle open the Third Eye chakra and the Crown. It was, and still, is a focal point for the entire Stonehenge temple complex. The electromagnetic field is vast and it was raised by the long skulled people of the Neolithic.

Nearby is a lost TEMPLE of HEALING that was discovered by the late Guy Underwood in the 1940s and Maria will show you the area as it still emits energy.


Woodhenge is an intriguing site. It contains a circle-powered energy system that is easily dowsed, and very strong. The central area is marked by a small flint grave that is shown in the photo.

Woodhenge’s mysterious magnetic zones. A mini triangle of energy is located within the site, which recently bought down a photographic drone machine is an extraordinary location to dowse.

Nearby is Durrington Walls that was once a superhenge that was much bigger than Avebury Henge. In one guise, it was the small town that housed the people that constructed Stonehenge, after which it was transformed into a vast henge monument. Inside of the Superhenge were 300 massive timber posts creating the world’s largest timber circle that contained two other timber circles.


The Vast Pit Enclosure

Surrounding Durrington Walls were fifty or so deep pits creating a pit circle that integrated LarkHill causewayed enclosure. Why were these pits dug, one of which is said to be 65 feet wide and 16 feet deep? We will discuss the various ideas mooted to gain understanding and debate of this long lost monument.

The Stonehenge Avenue

The 1.5-mile avenue is said to be a processional way that was an earthen avenue. We will dowse the geodetic energies that set its width as well as the Cursus Barrows of the Round Headed Beaker Culture.

The so-called Pit Monument

Surrounding Durrington Walls Superhenge

Coil of the Dragon (Chinese geomant term for a particular earth energy flow)

We will also dowse for the coil of the Dragon that is an unusual form of earth energy which can be located and experienced at the Cursus barrows just north of Stonehenge.

Dowsing Professionally – Level 2, Part 1 

September 4th 2021

At Avebury Henge Maria will be offering Level II Part 1 training covering the geodetic system of earth energy and many diverse forms of earth energy.

Practical One Day Dowsing Workshop

Master Practitioner of Dowsing Level II:  Divining the Earth

A great practical and interactive course at Avebury Henge that explores the geodetic system of earth energies, and Maria is the UK’s leading authority on these incredible energies of Gaia.

We will locate and follow the Genesis line and discover its emergence point and its termination point. Understand how the energy was used to expand consciousness and how the Hermaphrodite male and female energy was born of multiple vortexes not far from Avebury Henge – these locations are all-powerful and we tested them with our equipment and the results prove the energy is cyclic.  I will show you how the energy was fully integrated into sections of the megalithic architecture. Maria has been researching this energy since its first discovery over 25 years or so ago and when it was not fully understood in terms of its gender and birth points and termination points. This is one of Maria’s major discoveries and she invites you to experience the energy and work with its divine energy field.

Genesis hermaphrodite energy and Native American long lost mounds

Probably followed the shape of the energy flow.

Yin Water Female Earth Energy We will also explore the most powerful form of earth energy that is a female energy pattern that is the harmonic surface pattern of a vast amount of underground yin water or water that is under sustained pressure. I likened the energy to the Triple Goddess and we will look at several ways of working with this energy.

The threefold energy pattern emitted by underground yin water.

You will be shown how to dowse the three found female energy pattern at Avebury Henge and how it was incorporated into the vast 28-acre site.

Geospiral Energy Chakras. A deeper understanding of Earth Energy

You will discover how the geospiral energy pattern and its different sized coils represent the chakra system. For example, a three and a half coiled geospiral represents the base chakra and a 7-coiled geospiral represents the heart chakra. Thus, we can explore ways of working with the geospiral in relation to our own chakras and the energy chakra of a sacred site will indicate the best way of working with its sacred energy as did our forebears.

Powerful Geodetic Energies: Aquastats and Track Lines

The geodetic system of earth energies that relate to water comprises of the water line, and the aquastat energy flow and you will learn how to recognise the difference between the two and how an aquastat can generate an intense healing field. When a water line and aquastat flow close to one another – this is called a Holy Line and the ancients located these flows to work with and integrated into their megalithic monuments. You will also be shown how to recognise an earth energy flow called a Track Line and explore how it influences the physical body and the animal kingdom.

How Geodetic Energies flow through the Earth

Earth currents such as Mary and Michael generally flow like rivers through the land and remain invariably constant unless they taper down to form a meeting point called a Node.

However, geodetic energies flow through the earth in different ways and the geology of the ground can dramatically influence their flow pattern. In relation to water lines, this has been known and written about since the late 1800s and I have added to the wealth of dowsing knowledge and will show you the marvellous energy flow patterns, how to interpret and work with them. The way they flow can instantly influence us.

Yin Water that creates harmonic healing zones
You will explore the harmonic healing crossing point of two yin streams and the energy they release which is beneficial to all living organisms. This is one of Maria Wheatley’s major contributions to Esoteric Water Divining.

Feel the energies, geodetic signatures
As well as teaching you how to dowse the silent but all-powerful water and earth energies, Maria encourages you to recognise an earth energy line or pattern by using your body – how does the energy make you feel? By attuning and making a connection to the energy, we can understand how the energy affects us and this enables interpretation of earth and water energies anywhere on Earth. I call the feelings that we get from the land ‘geodetic signatures’. So when we learn, for instance, eight different signatures we can walk around a house, garden or sacred site and long before we dowse, we can feel the energies and thus begin to interpret them.

Should you wish to take this course to certificate level, is fully allocated to the Association of Distant Learning Colleges, you can find your assignment at the back of the PDF manual that accompanies the course.

You now have the knowledge of Master Dowsers and Chinese Geomants, which you can apply to help others to understand, and to live in harmony with the Earth.