Tarot – Level 1 – Video Course

Full Course £250

Pay per lesson £48

This easy to follow and informative video tarot course of six lessons is easy to follow as you will place the cards in front of you and learn the Romany Way of reading alongside Maria. Uniquely, this fascinating oral tradition initiates you into the age-old meaning of the cards. It also begins your life long journey and relationship with the Tarot; a journey that will guide you to fully understand the energies that are symbolized by the cards.

You will need a Rider-Waite tarot deck as this is the most traditional pictorial deck.

VideoLesson 1 – Explores the Cup and Pentacle cards of the Minor Arcana

You will need to have Ace to Ten of the above suits in front of your for your personal Skype lesson

The suit of cups and the element of water


The ten cards – Ace to Ten of Cups – describe how we feel about our personal lives, emotional relationships, inner-feelings as well as revealing our hopes and dreams. As the story of the element of water unfolds, we will understand the traditional meaning of each card.

You will learn how to recognize how an individual is feeling and their innermost emotions. You will gain insight into their personal relationships and their emotional state of being; enabling you to act as a spiritual guide in times of stress or challenging situations. Your interpretation of the cup cards can bring about emotional healing.

You will be able to perceive future relationships, emotional cycles and see potential problems that are about to manifest and offer sound advice on how to avoid, heal or handle such situations.


The suit of pentacles and the element of earth

Ace to Ten of Pentacles highlights aspects of our professional life. They can describe our job/s, financial situation, and material possessions as well as our attitude towards money and the material world.

This suit gives you valuable insight into a client’s material life, such as their job, profession, monetary status and any job opportunities or financial problems they may be experiencing.

Pentacles show how a client handles their finances. The energy of Pentacles reveals future professional trends giving a clear and accurate prediction of the past, present and the future regarding their working life and ability to handle money.

Whether you are rich or poor, this suit reveals your inner-attitudes about the material world in which you live. The tarot can offer excellent advice on how gain abundance by removing blockages.


Video Lesson 2 – Explores the Sword and Wand cards of the Minor Arcana

You will need to have Ace to Ten of the above suits in front of your for your personal Skype lesson.

The suit of swords and the element of air

Swords were invented by mankind for one reason only – to hurt and maim. Thus, Ace to Ten of swords often indicates problems – both surface and hidden.

Swords are often seen as an ‘ill omen’ as they tend to bring challenging situations, problems, and confrontations. However, Swords can teach us how to live a more balanced life by facing our problems with dignity, endurance and strength.

The suit of Swords teaches us how to resolve our problems and how to create a more balanced future for ourselves and those we love.


The suit of wands and the element of fire

Ace to Ten of Wands can reveal our creative potentials and future rewards. Travel and creative opportunities are also expressed by the vibrant element of fire.

Professional problems and confrontations which could lead to an explosive situation are likewise described. Wands bring a dynamic energy into our lives so that we can transform who we are, and even where we live, as fire gives us the courage and flexibility to move forwards embracing each new step with a sense of creativity and valour.


Video Lesson 3 – The Court cards

Each of the four suits has four court cards; a page, knight, queen and king. We will look carefully at how these royal figures can often manifest as people in our lives, such as a friend, boss, relative, spouse or lover.

Alternatively, the court cards can show us undeveloped aspects within ourselves. For instance, the Queen of Wands may appear in a tarot reading indicating that we will soon meet a warm, imaginative, dynamic and magnetic woman, who is full of energy. However, if such a person enters one’s life this is not by chance and portends that the querent is about to meet those attributes within.

Video Lesson 4 – The Major Arcana Part 1

There are 22 cards of the Major Arcana that have a dynamic influence and trump the Minor Arcana cards. They generate an energetic power over the entire spread.

The great mystery is how to interpret the power cards. This lesson is dedicated to exploring the essence of each individual card. For millennia, the sacred Trump Cards have been recognized as bestowing life enhancing and life changing influences.

Video Lesson 5 – The Major Arcana Part 2

The remaining card of the Major Arcana are explored in great detail giving you a full understanding of their role in tarot card reading.

Video Lesson 6 – Tarot card spreads

The final lesson shows you a traditional Romany spread called the Horseshoe spread.

If you would like to take the course to diploma level, please email mariawheatley@aol.com for your assignment.