Tarot – Level 1 – Practical Workshop


Saturday 7th March 2020


The Bell Hotel, Driffield, Yorkshire

Cost £75. Certificate Course. 

10 am to 3.30 pm. 

Learn to read the Tarot cards the Romany Way with author and expert tarot reader Maria Wheatley in Driffield, Yorkshire.  Maria will show you how easy it is to master this ancient art. Within just two hours, you will know 15 or so cards by learning the ‘Song of the Tarot’. This unique way of understanding the tarot is an intuitive method.

Maria has been teaching the tarot for over 25 years and has been reading the cards since she was 16.

What you will learn:

The meanings of the Minor Arcana that is 56 cards and some of the Major Arcana cards.

Learn how to create a psychic relationship with your tarot deck.

If you are unsure of the meaning of the card, learn how attune its meaning by activating your Third Eye to become a ‘Seer’.

Learn how to relate to the Four Elements.

Learn how to ‘personalise’ your cards to create a deep bond and bridge to their meanings.

Learn how to store your cards.


You will receive a handout containing the keywords; but you won’t really need to look at this.

Contact: mariawheatley@aol.com for more details. Or call 01672 511427.

 What you need to bring.

You will need a deck of Rider Waite tarot cards as this is the most traditional deck.

For your certificate

If you would like to have a certificate then you will need to give three tarot card readings, which you can write up and email to me. If writing is an issue, you can telephone, or Skype me to discuss your readings.

SACRED SITE TOUR ON SUNDAY 8TH MARCH 2020.  10 am to 3.30 pm. Meet at the Rudstone Church yard. The internet post code given is YO25 4UY

Whilst I am in the ancient megalithic capital of East Riding, Yorkshire, I will be doing a dowsing tour of the SACRED SITES of the area. We will visit and interact with the powerful ley lines and earth energies of the tallest standing stone in Britain. The huge 26 feet tall monolith is a gigantic male stone that gives its energy of fertility to the land and its people. Numerous ley lines target the giant stone and it sends out ripples of energy from its base. 15 feet is underground making this one stone an estimated 40 feet in length. We will interact with several types of earth energy and I will show you how easy it is to dowse this incredible stone!

Sacred Holy Well of St. John, Harpham

We will visit St. John’s Well and dowse the underground water and its surface energy patterns that influence the water molecules. Sacred holy well energy can be absorbed into our own body water as we are made of over 75% water. The healing energy field of the underground water can heal and cleanse and Maria will show you a how to attune to the healing energy of underground water.

Duggleby Howe mound Malton YO17 8BL

After lunch we will visit one of the largest Neolithic mounds in Britain called Duggleby Howe.  Its construction is estimated to be 5000 tons of earth, clay and chalk and its flattened top was leveled for the building of a post mill in more modern times. Maria Wheatley discovered the elongated skulled people of Stonehenge and she has researched the rest of the UK and Europe. East Riding was a megalithic centre of power created by the longheaded people who once populated Europe. Maria has tracked down some of the people and will show you what they once looked like.

The full day workshop is only £35.