Skype Courses

From beginner’s level to Master Practitioner

Maria Wheatley has taught the Tarot for over 23 years. She teaches a Romany Tradition that was shown to her when she was 16. Over the decades, Maria has enhanced this unique learning system which uses the Right Brain – the intuitive side of the brain – to recall and remember the meanings of the cards. It is the easiest way to learn the tarot.

This successful and powerful teaching method is called the ‘Song of the Tarot’. It teaches 10 cards at once and shows you how a story unfolds. It is beautiful and simplistic. Watch the video and see for yourself.

Maria also encourages you how to learn which element you are in harmony, or out of harmony with, so that you have an in-depth understanding of the four sacred elements of the Tarot.

‘I had been struggling for many years before Maria taught me how to read the cards’. J. Tompkins.

1-2-1 Tarot Course – Level 1

This course consists of seven one-hour lessons, which are designed to teach you how to accurately interpret the tarot.

You will be shown how you can quickly grasp the meaning of each suit by learning the ‘Song of the Tarot’.

1-2-1 Tarot Course – Level 2

This course consists of seven one-hour lessons. We will study the reversed meanings of the cards.

The reversed cards in a tarot spread show the tarot card reader the major problematic influences affecting the querent’s life. Or, if a problem has recently been overcome, but may still be ‘energetically’ influencing the client.

1-2-1 Tarot Course – Level 3

This six-lesson course looks at the transcendental aspect of the Four Suits as the Soul’s karmic journey through time and through many incarnations. Also, how to identify and release karmic influences that block spiritual development.

Dowsing Professionally – Level 1

Becoming a Master Dowser

This certificated course contains seven 1-hour lessons and comes with an extensive PDF dowsing manual.

Dowsing Professionally – Level 2

Divining the Earth

The most comprehensive dowsing course ever written on geodetic water energies and earth energies. It also explores the Earth Colours – the hidden colours of ley lines, geospirals and earth energies and how their colour frequencies affect the land, houses and all living organisms

Dowsing Professionally – Level 3

Divining the Grids

This incredible course is the most comprehensive course on grid lines ever written in the UK. This Skype 1-2-1 consisting of 6 one-hour lessons which comes with an extensive PDF dowsing manual.

Past Life Regression

This six-lesson certificated Skype course of 1.5 hour lessons is designed for anyone who is interested in past life regression. It comes with an extensive PDF manual so no need to take notes during our Skype lessons.

Druidic Soul Star Astrology

This unique and exciting course consists of 7 Skype lessons. It comes with an extensive PDF manual so no need to take notes.

Earth Wisdom

Maria’s dowsing course Earth Wisdom: Dowsing and working with Gaia’s Energies is fascinating and teaches you to experience, understand and work with earth energies