Working with Gaia’s Inner Waters


Working with Gaia’s Inner Waters

Discover the therapeutic properties of Earth’s deep inner waters; or a surface spring, and learn how the water’s energy field can help us to cleanse our own body water, chakras and aura to help the body to heal itself.

Learn how to make healing essences as well as exploring the ancient art of Hydromancy – an oracle – using the divine element of water.

Ideally you need to know how to dowse the inner water’s energy pattern. If you cannot, that is not a problem, as I can simply tell you how to work with a surface spring, so you can begin to attune with this divine, healing and alchemic energy.

This course can be videoed as a learning tool, which is non-transferable, for your own personal use and is subject to strict copyright.  

LESSON 1 – Attuning to the light within the water. Understanding the dynamics of underground water; yin, yang and combination waters. Or, the spiral energy pattern of a surface spring. We will expolre the value of the light of the Sun and Water’s energy combine to create a powerful energy field. 

LESSON 2 – How to cleanse your own body water above deep underground yin water, or a surface spring, to release old unwanted memories. This is a truly extraordinary experience, and once we are cleansed from within, we sense a change of energy or an energy shift often occurs. Timing the cleansing to the lunar cycle and even the hour can enhance the process.

LESSON 3 – Aura and Chakra cleansing by attuning to the water’s light will be explored. Chakra activation is more easily achieved once our chakras are cleansed and balanced.

We will also see how we can attune to the healing energy and transfer it to another, and how we can absent (or remote) heal with the water’s energy.

LESSON 4 – Working with underground yin water, or a surface spring, to make a healing essence is an great healing method, which I can guide you through. I also explore Hydromancy, which is an ancient oracle. There are many methods recorded through history of hydromancy. We will focus on one method that communicates with the water to seek an answer to a question.

Once, fountains, wells and springs were befriended and communication with the water bought answers to questions. The Roman Scholar Marcus Varro sated that the Mithridatic Wars were prophesied using the spirit of Water.

An assignment for the certificate will be given at the end of the course

COST £120 for this fascinating Skype course.