Past Life Regression – Practical Workshop



New dates coming soon. Past Life Regression weekend workshop. 10 am – 4 pm.

Certificate Level at The Henge Shop, High St, Avebury. SN8 1RF.


 Limited Places So Please Book Early

 Your tutorMaria  Wheatley has been teaching Past Life Regression since 1997.

This weekend course at The Henge Shop, Avebury makes an atmospheric venue overlooking the ancient standing stones.

The course will cover:

  • The philosophy of karma and reincarnation
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Hypnotic inductions
  • Talking to the Soul
  • Dealing with painful memories
  • Creating a healing room
  • Creating harmonic healing colours
  • Healing the past
  • Locating past life residue in the physical body
  • Present and past life regression
  • Free-association techniques


This is an interactive, exciting and hands on course and you will experience, if you wish, a past life regression.

In a sensitive group setting we will explore the gentleness of regression and what regression can do.

We will discuss regression techniques, such as visualisation, hypnotherapy and how to ‘integrate the senses’. Explore how to ask the right questions that are non-suggestive to access past life memories of a life lived before this one.


Past Life Regression can be a wonderful healing experience and we will learn how to create a ‘healing room’ and how to deal with painful or emotional situations.  We will also learn how to heal with harmonic healing colours as well as how to scan the body for any ‘past life residue’.

Regression uses, and applies, a long induction script which is deeply calming and very relaxing. The script uses hypnotic wording so you can experience past life memories, as well as being able to’ talk to the soul’. Perhaps the Soul has a message to impart, offer some timeless wisdom or simply  words of advice.

Non-Hypnotic techniques

Non-Hypnotic techniques are also explored as you can access former lives by using relaxation and visualisation techniques with’ free-associating’ using emotionally charged words. There are certain universal words that transcend cultures and religions, as they are ageless and unchanging. These emotionally charged words stimulate the Spiritual Mind encouraging images or feelings to automatically free-flow. We will experience the many roads that lead to regression.

Aura cleansing

You will learn a gentle yet very effective way to cleanse the aura to remove any last ‘residue traces’.


We will also discuss the consultation process, insurance issues and disclaimers which all professionals adhere to.


You will receive a hard copy of the long induction script for the course.


This course comes with an extensive and informative PDF manual which covers all of the topics discussed and applied on the day. The manual will be emailed to you. You can use it for reference purposes.

For your certificate

You will need to regress 5 people and write, or discuss the regressions with your tutor. You can email your assignment, or you can discuss your assignment by telephoning or Skyping your tutor.


What to bring on the day

You may wish to take notes, so bring writing material. Avebury Village has a cafe and a pub where you can buy refreshments and food. Or you can bring a packed lunch.



Where to park

There is a large car park run by the National Trust

Map of avebury car park national trust

Contact: If you have any questions contact for more details.

Or call 01672 511427


Cost £185