Ogham Celtic Divination – Home Study

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Ancient Celtic Wisdom

Ogham divination system

Learn form the Teacher Trees

Home Study PDF course that describes the meaning of the cards, and some

suggested spreads. Also, how to use Ogham symbols for gentle candlelight magic. Course comes with a one-hour Skype session to practice readings.

If you love trees and Mother Nature you will resonate with this course. Trees stand for hundreds, and sometimes thousands of years, watching all that passes, and remembering all that was. Their immense life span is extraordinary making them wisdom keepers and great teachers. A woodland walk makes most people feel alive, (re)connected to Nature, and standing by a parkland tree for a few minutes likewise feels good and soothes the industrialised soul.

Ogham is a divination system and it can also be inspirational offering  excellent guidance and wisdom. The symbols can also be crafted in amulets or carved onto candles for gentle and effective candlelight magic.

Traditionally, there were twenty Ogham symbols that formed a tree alphabet that can be used as an oracle. Another name for the Ogham is the Beth-Luis-Nion alphabet. Ogham letters were each given a name in Old Irish with a corresponding initial letter, and the first three letters B, L and N supply the names Beith (Birch), Luis often translated as Rowan and Nion (Ash) for this sacred alphabet. Another name for the Ogham is simply the Celtic Tree Alphabet. The alphabet letters associated with the trees can be used to empower our lives, as healing amulets and power objects.

Today, the deck consists of twenty-five cards that represent a tree or scrub, and each card has a particular meaning, energy and lesson that it can bring to enhance our lives. For example, do you need strength? Then Oak is your teacher as Oak can bring you great wisdom and strength by visiting the tree, or simply working with the Ogham letter. You can draw the Ogham letter onto a piece of paper, or drift bark to create an amulet, then place it under your pillow, or etch it onto the earth is magical and empowering.

Home study PDF course excludes hard copy of the card deck and comes with a PDF file containing the cards.

ur own deck. You will also be given a PDF with the meanings of the cards and details of card spreads.

Lesson 1 –3 The Meaning of the Ogham Tree Symbol

Lesson 4 Card Spreads and Divination

Lesson 5 Sacred Spreads and Readings

Lesson 6 Ogham Magic: Making amulets and candle magic.