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Gaia’s Wisdom: Earth Divination


 Earth divination, also known as geomancy, is one of the oldest divination systems in the world that communicates directly to the Earth Mother, Gaia.

 There are sixteen cards in the deck that represent her seasons, expressions and moods.

This is a feminine divination system. For example, the Runes were gifted by the great god Odin, a male god, when we work with these cards we are hand-in-hand with Gaia, our One Mother. 


An six-week course consisting of a one hour class includes a deck of cards that can be posted to you. Or I can provide a PDF with the cards so you can print them out yourself that cuts down on the carbon footprint.

Commencing Friday 24th April, 6pm – London Time 

The course comes with a PDF manual and is recorded on Skype, so that you have direct reference to class material or if you are abscent.

Earth Divination or Geomancy is an oracle system that gives accurate readings, like the tarot or the runes, and it can predict future cycles that are about to unfold. 

Furthermore, what makes this divination system unique is that I have developed a beautiful way of working with Gaia’s symbols to heal your home-the land upon which you live or your workspace. 

The Symbols can also be used to empower you and assist you in times of stress. Gaia’s energy can be called in and worked with.

From readings to house clearing, Gaia’s divination system is easy to learn

and it is a blessing.

Earth divination or geomancy is an ancient divination system. Millennia ago, in times of uncertainty, to seek advice and to predict the future, a priestess or priest would throw precious seeds upon the Earth. The position and pattern they fell in was intuitively interpreted. Undoubtedly, the seeds represented the Earth Mother’s fertility and questions concerning the approaching harvest would be eagerly sought. Communicating with the Earth was paramount, predicting the affect of her seasons were essential for a plentiful harvest, or to forecast the forthcoming influences of a cold, bleak winter. Earth divination created a bridge connecting the priestess or priest to Gaia, and it was considered a sacred way of divining.

Deeply connected to the Earth and living closely with Nature, our distant ancestors created sixteen geomantic symbols to personify Gaia’s many expressions. For instance, one geomancy symbol represents joy, summer and abundance and another symbol represents loss and autumn, a time when the trees shed their leaves. These ancient symbols became the voice of Gaia; they contain earthly wisdom and can offer excellent advice.

Medieval influences

During the 16th century, a magician called Cornelius Agrippa reintroduced earth divination to European shores. Born at Cologne in 1486 Agrippa became an accomplished physician, military commander and was a spy in the service of Maximilian the First. He became the foremost geomantist, translated ancient Hebrew texts into Latin, and was the first European scholar to expound upon the Cabala. Agrippa influenced many writers on magic such as Francis Barrett, Eliphas Levi and A.E. Waite. Agrippa used the method of tapping a long stick or stave into the earth to make four groups of sixteen lines of indentations that represented the body of Gaia. The first line of notches created Gaia’s head, the next line her neck, body and feet. Symbolically, Gaia was laid before the diviner cast in the Earth and ready to speak. The notches were added up and interpreted. Agrippa Latinised the names of the archaic symbols and five hundred years later, their Latin names still remain in use.

The geomantic symbol called Conjunctio meaning Union

Each symbol represents Gaia’s body – the Earth

  OO   Head

   O     Neck

   O     Body

OO  Feet

During the 17th century, occultists merged geomancy with astrology assigning a zodiac sign and planetary ruler to a geomantic symbol. However, critics claimed that geomancy was ‘an earthbound science’, which should remain separate from astrology. In the 19th century, a German scholar Franz Hartmann devised an indoor method of geomancy. Dots or lines were randomly drawn upon a piece of paper echoing the former tradition, and in the time-honoured practice, the dots created the geomantic symbols. To preserve this ancient geomantic practice, we have included the original way of casting a geomantic chart as devised by Agrippa, which can be found at the back of the manual PDF that comes with your course.

Today, we can revisit this timeless divination system in the form of sixteen beautifully illustrated cards. Staying with tradition, we have used the age-old geomantic symbols that represent Gaia’s many moods.

Illustrated by Fiona Hughes and Rob Marron.

When you consult the cards, you are speaking directly to your Earth Mother. The Earth is a living being and she is over four billion years old. Her immense age and deep understanding of the cycles of time can impart incredible wisdom to us. The sixteen geomancy cards can guide you to make the right decision or they can simply give sound spiritual and motherly advice. The Earth Divination cards can show you the past, present and future and they give accurate readings.  This divination system brings a blessing from Gaia. Unlike the tarot or runes, if you draw one of the challenging geomantic symbols, you can work with a Power Symbol to negate and lessen its challenging influence and restore harmony to your life. Other divination systems to not offer the care your Mother gives to you… Below are three challenging cards. Amissio relates Autumn a time of loss when the leaves fall from the trees but it has a power symbol its opposite polarity to work with.


The Power Symbols can be pressed into the Earth using a staff  as did our ancestors, or simply draw the Power Symbol on a piece of paper or you can make a crystal array. Gaia’s energy is with you.

Reconnecting to Nature

For some, our busy modern day lifestyles can cause a ‘disconnect’ from nature. Geomancy serves to reconnect us to Gaia, the land and the magic of nature. Each card is associated with a tree uniting the symbols to the natural world and adding an eloquent meaning to the card. Conjunctio meaning Union (relationships and marriage) is associated with the hawthorn tree. For centuries, hawthorn flowers that grace the month of May have been associated with greenwood marriages. Rubeus meaning Redhead (anger and passion) is associated with the holly tree that can prick the skin and hurt us. You may wish to go and visit the associated tree and absorb its energy and wisdom. Tree roots go deep into Gaia and connect to her wisdom.

Heal Your Home and Communicate with your house and the land upon which you live

Unlike other divination systems, the geomancy symbols can also be used to heal our homes, clearing it of unwanted energy and they can help us to heal our emotions and to manifest our goals and visions. They are truly magical. You will discoverer the geomantic Power Symbols of Gaia and be able to negate negative influences.

This course comes with a PDF booklet describing the meaning of the cards

Lesson 1 – 3 The History and the Meaning of the cards

Lesson 4 Power Symbols and Healing

Lesson 5 Spreads

Lesson 6 Healing the land, our homes and workspaces.