Woodhenge: Gaia’s Harmonics and Walking the Labyrinth – Workshop


Practical One-day Workshop.

Woodhenge: Gaia’s Harmonics and Walking the Labyrinth.

DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED. 11am-4pm. £60 per person.

In ancient Greece, Pythagoras and his followers thought that the celestial bodies made music–The Music of the Spheres that was later developed by 16th-century astronomer Johannes Kepler. Kepler did not believe this ‘music’ to be audible but felt that it could be heard by the soul.

Alongside mathematician, Richard Cardew, Maria discovered that certain earth energies create musical intervals, which she calls the Music of Gaia. The ancients were aware of these inaudible musical harmonics and incorporated them into their sacred sites, such as Stonehenge and Woodhenge. At Woodhenge, within the timber monument, we discovered a hidden labyrinth that resonates predominately to the Perfect Fourth 4:3. The way in which you walk into, and around Woodhenge, creates not only a sacred labyrinth but a musical interval that resonates to Woodhenge’s dominant harmonic and the Moon. For some, walking the hidden labyrinth can assist spiritual expansion, attune to your Soul’s Divine Purpose, or simply be a joyous experience.

Maria will guide you to walk the harmonic musical labyrinth at Woodhenge, as she believes the ancients once did and like the Music of the Spheres, Maria believes Gaia’s earth energy harmonics can be heard by the soul.  She will also describe the earth energy musical  harmonics and the mathematical harmonic of dreaming, which is another expression of Woodhenge.

We will also explore the lost healing centre discovered by Master Dowser Guy Underwood and nearby Durrington Walls for an unforgettable dowsing day and spiritual labyrinth experience.

There is a pub nearby called The Stonehenge Inn and the small town of Amesbury is nearby for lunch and coffees, or simply bring a packed lunch.