Secrets of the Templars – Zoom 1-2-1


Secrets of the Templars

Gaia’s Energies and the Mother Church

Consisting of 7 one-hour classes, this informative course explores earth energies, grid lines and ley lines that were integrated into the foundation plan of abbeys, churches and cathedrals. Gaia’s energies explain why certain windows are never symmetrical, the location of the pulpit, and why there are is one entrance door containing two sections, as well as an exceptionally small door. We will also discuss the hidden layout and frequencies within Masonic and Templar churches.

The Bishop’s Walk: Maria will demonstrate how the Templars and later bishops would interact with the construct’s energies. This is called the Bishop’s Walk or Run (not to be confused with the dowsing term the Bishop’s Rule). PowerPoint presentations and screen sharing will show you some fascinating earth energies and their full energy integration.

The Circle and The Cross: The Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Age geomancers used a circular earth energy pattern to place their stone circles and monuments above. Maria coined the phrase Geo-Cross as during the Christian era, the energy pattern changed from the circle to the cross. However, the Iron Age Druids also used a ‘Celtic Cross’ earth energy pattern–a mixture of the both shapes for the location of their hilltop shrines.

Chakra Points and Magic Steps: We will also explore the chakra points of a church, how to activate our chakras and how the Templars opened the throat chakra to relay the so-called Word of God.

Mass Healing and Natural Cathedrals. At one church known to the 12th century writer, Geoffrey of Monmouth, sixteen sick children were healed on a burial slap sited above geodetic energies and we will explore this healing point. Natural cave-cathedrals and Iron Age Fogous with also be examined as they share similar energies. We will also discuss the healing lines that can be found within churches that are little-used today as well as ‘Magic Steps’ that can encourage aura expansion or shrinkage depending on its usage.

The North Door is often called the ‘Devil’s Door’ and we will explore why this door was often blocked and sealed and what this area means.

Holy Water: We will look at the real meaning behind the word Holy Water and how it was derived from the Neolithic pagans.

Below: A stone circle incorporated into the wall that surrounds a small chapel.