Planting with Earth Energies and Ancient Farming Practices – Zoom 1-2-1


Date TBA

Time 6pm London Time

The course consists of 5 one-hour lessons every Friday.

If you cannot attend the course, you can simply study via the group video. All participants will receive the class video as a tutorial.

Lesson 1: Maria will discuss with earth energies that are not conducive to some plant growth and life forms, such as ley lines and underground yang water (groundwater)and presents well-researched evidence by an agricultural scientist to explain why. We will look at plants that like grid energies (Part 1).

Lesson 2: Plants that like grid energies (Part 2).

Lesson 3: The yield of corn produced by the ancient Bronze Age farmers could not be surpassed until the 1950s with the advent to chemical fertilizers. We will explore the monuments and earth energies that can enhance seed grow. Importantly, how planetary magnetic storms at certain times can further enhance seed germination.

Lesson 4: We will study the earth energies that the ancients once used to encourage plants to grow healthy – the ‘where’ to plant and why.

Lesson 5: An overview of ancient farming practices and storage of corn and seeds; a method used by ancient people. Q and A session.