Gaia’s Musical Earth Energies: Harmonics – Zoom 1-2-1


Gaia’s Musical Earth Energies: Harmonics

The earth music relates to Male and Female, Sun and Moon, Yang and Yin

The course consists of 7 one-hour lessons

All participants will receive the class video.

In ancient Greece, Pythagoras and his followers thought that celestial bodies made music– called The Music of the Spheres that was later developed by 16th-century astronomer Johannes Kepler. Kepler did not believe this ‘music’ to be audible, but felt that it could be heard by the soul.

Alongside a mathematician, Maria discovered that certain earth energies create musical intervals, which she calls the Music of Gaia. The ancients were aware of these inaudible musical earth energies and incorporated them into their monuments, such as Stonehenge and Woodhenge.  The Earth Sings…

Lesson 1: Maria will show you some of the earth energies that emit what she calls The Music of Gaia. We will explore easy ways to dowse and locate the patterns.

Lesson 2: Harmonics. Maria will outline the main musical intervals that are associated with earth energies and explain their relationship to the Sun and the Moon. Maria will show a PowerPoint of sacred sites that have harmonics.

Lesson 3: This lesson we will explore how Earth Harmonics can offer calming, soothing, healing and balancing energies.

Lesson 4: One of the most profound ways of interacting with harmonics for spiritual expansion or to discover the Soul’s Divine Purpose is to interact with the harmonic and Maria will demonstrate this in a clear and instructive manner.

Lesson 5: Maria will describe an Earth Harmonic Earth Energy that flows through the land and interlaces the planet that is easy to locate and work with. The Music of Gaia will benefit all of those who wish to connect to our One Mother.

Lesson 6: We will explore Earth Energies that resonate to musical intervals and learn about their expansive energy field.

Lesson 7: Maria will show a PowerPoint of sacred sites that resonate to the Earth harmonics from Serpent Mound to Newgrange in Ireland and how the ancients encoded ways to work with their unique and life-enhancing energies.