Dowsing Professionally – Level 3 – Workshop

Whole Course – £150

Pay in instalments – £40

You will need a compass, a pendulum and a set of L-rods or at least one L-rod. This weekend course explore Gaia’s grid lines within the Avebury and Salisbury Plain environs.

Day 1 – The Avebury Environs

Within the wonderful ceremonial landscape we will locate and attune to Gaia’s Global Grids. We will explore in detail the 3rd, 4th and 6th global grid systems to gain a full understanding of the harmonics and energy.

You will discover how the energy was once used and how we can attune and benefit from this energy today. We will locate the global lines at Templar and Masonic designed churches and explore how they were integrated into Druid hill forts as well as locations like Avebury Henge.

Additionally, we will experience how the grids can influence plant life and which trees are attracted to particular grid systems. This allows us to see the lines in the landscape by the associated vegetation. We will also examine which planets are connected with the Grid Systems and also their corresponding chakra points.

Day 2 The Stonehenge Environs

Dowsing the grid lines at an Iron Age hill fort overlooking the Salisbury Plain, where a crossing point of a spiritual grid system marked an area important to the Druid Priesthood.

We will interact with this energy and see how it can affect our auric field and chakra system.

We will also explore The Shadow grid system – the grids have a shadow counterpart that can be classed as geopathic stress lines and zones. We will experience this first hand and begin to understand how the land harmonics can induce particular consciousness states detrimental to physical, emotional and mental health.

This is one of the most unusual dowsing courses in the UK.