Dowsing Professionally – Level 3 – Home Study


Master Practitioner of Dowsing – Divining the Grids

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This exciting course looks at the seven grid system discovered by a German physicist in the 1980s. I have added a planet and a chakra to each of the grids. From stone circles, to Druidic ceremonial hilltop enclosures the grids were inergrated into the sites to created speacial areas.


One grid can be found in old medieval churches, for example, at the pulpit, that activates the Throat Chakra to channel the Word of God in early Christian times.


Another grid can heal and help the body to heal itself and is a true gift from Gaia. Some old churches have these grid lines that denote natural healing zones.


Strange small doors of a certain width were constructed in Templar chapels and churches designed by the Masons. Often, a grid crossing point is located close by. This grid has a karmic feel to it that encodes the wise old ways to assist karmic release…


Discovered by a German Master Dowser, the so-called shadow grids that are a polar opposite to their counterpart. These were shamefully incorporated into old prisons called Blind Houses, Victorian prison builds to enhance a sense of despair and paranoia. We can locate and negate the energy to live in harmony with the Earth.

From decoding stone circles, Templar Secrets and even your own home, the grids have energy that we can work with to live in harmony with Gaia.


Find the grids to assist chakra activation, which can be transformative.

Course Information

Lesson 1

The Primary grid system
Magnetic anomalies

Lesson 2

Beneficial grid systems
The third global grid – communication
The fourth  global grid – healing
The fifth global – creativity
The sixth global grid – spiritual
The seventh global grid – ancient death rites
Harmonic placement

Lesson 3

Shadow grid systems
The third shadow grid
The fourth shadow grid
The sixth shadow grid
The seventh shadow grid
Harmonic placement

Lesson 4

Putting it altogether
House maps and interpretation
Geopathic stress zones
House plants and air pollution


This Master Practitioner of Dowsing course gives you expert knowledge to further your dowsing expertise. Learning about Gaia’s Global Grid Systems which interlace the planet is a fascinating journey that puts you into direct contact with transformative grid energy.

Lesson 1-3 We will focus on The Healing Earth Grids

German research shows that the Earth is surrounded by seven major grids. Maria will share with you her 20 years of research that associates each grid with a corresponding planet and a chakra.

These grids are harmonic as they can enhance our ability to communicate, heal, or they can be used to resolve age-old karmic issues.

Discover how to locate these lines of force and tap into their perpetual energy, as did our ancient forebears, the megalithic temple builders, the Knights Templar, Secret Societies and the later Victorian Mystery Schools.

Changing perceptions living in harmony with Gaia’s Grid Lines

Wrapped around Gaia, these grid systems are a living reality. One grid can activate the throat chakra. Imagine if this line was integrated into a hospital or unit that helped children with stammers or speech related issues. We can enhance our every day lives and the lives of others with a deep awareness of the earth grid lines and their energies. Our ancestors lived in tune with the lines and forces of Mother Nature.

One grid line was used for healing and one grid line was used in ancient death rites and this is why some English medieval churches have very small doors, often in the eastern sector that are about 1 metre wide. The grids were used by our ancestors, however, now is the time to remember that which was and to restore harmony again. A Golden Age cannot return unless we understand the alchemic secrets of Gaia and work to change the way we live.

Lesson 4-6 will focus on the Shadow Grids

There are also ‘shadow’ grids, which are the mirror image of the positive grids and they flow in the opposite direction. They cover the planet from pole to pole and they are especially injurious as they induce paranoia, mental fatigue, and fear and should be avoided or harmonized. Autistic children react strongly to these grid lines as do most sensitive people.
Discover how to locate the grids using a compass and a dowsing rod.

This fascinating course puts you in touch with Gaia’s grid lines and features the dowsing teachings of the Master Dowsers, Dennis and Maria Wheatley. After studying this course, you will become a Master Practitioner of Dowsing with exceptional ability to attune to the Earth Force and interpret its invisible flows and frequencies.

An assignment for the certificate can be found at the end of the course