Dowsing Professionally – Level 2, Part 2 – Zoom 1-2-1

Whole Course – £385

Pay in instalments – £58

Divining The Earth Colours – Understanding Gaia

Master Practitioner Master Classes. Certificated Course.

This advanced dowsing course consisting of six Master Classes teaches you about the hidden world of rainbow colours that earth energies emit, how the colours can be decoded to fully understand a sacred site and to work with their different frequencies.

This course contains six 1-hour private 1-2-1 Skype or Zoom classes.

In the 1990s, Maria Wheatley was taught by her late father, and a top European Master Dowser, how to dowse and interpret the earth colours that leys, earth currents and underground water emit. She is the most experienced high-frequency colour dowser in the UK.

Colour dowsing allows you to fully understand an earth current by its ‘dominate’ colour and frequency. For example, an earth current that is red electric will influence the land and if a horse is stabled above this energy colour it will become restless and aggressive. We all react to earth energy differently and Maria will teach you how to identify an earth colour and how it influences and can change your auric field.

You will discover the harmonic threefold temple colours of sacred sites. There are three main spiritual earth colours emitted by geospirals chosen to mark the esoteric centre of a sacred site and to release harmonic earth colours into the environ.

For the course you will need:

A pair of dowsing rods, and a pendulum (any type of your personal choosing).

A colour dowsing aid (provided).

Lesson 1 – 2 Colour dowsing – a hidden world of rainbow world within the Earth

Learn the Art of Colour Dowsing

In the first two lessons, we will explore the meaning of the 12 sacred Earth colours and how the Earth colours influence the land.

You will also explore the polarity of a ley line or earth current and understand which ones are positive and life-enhancing and which ones can be injurious to our health and well being.

Lesson 3 Pendulum Dowsing and Insights

You will look at the frequencies emitted by earth energies and how to pendulum dowse the Colour Dowsing Aid to gain a deep and fascinating insight into earth energies.

We will also explore how to discover and interpret the mineral content of underground water.

Lesson 4 Monumental linear colour lines of Sacred Sites

We will look at colour linear lines in the landscape and how they emit colour as they course through certain monuments, and how standing stones are associated with colour linear energy lines that course across a monument as if irrigating the landscape with colour anew.

Earth colours can influence our auras. Certain earth colours can contract the aura, whilst others can expand the aura as well as changing our aura colours earth energy colours can be healing. We will explore the powerful healing colours of the land and how to work with them.

Lesson 5 Colour healing the land

Colour healing the land is a fascinating and gentle way of applying the Earth Colours to heal and negate toxic and stagnant energies in the land and nature, such as colour healing trees, and plants. It is also a beautiful, non-invasive healing system that is highly effective and is in complete harmony with Mother Earth.

Lesson 6 Discovering Gaia’s spiritual colours and colour energy transference

Two powerful spiritual earth colours are emitted by geospirals which marked the esoteric centre of a sacred site that is a powerful way of working with the land’s energy.

Energy transference is a great technique that permits you to transfer positive colours of earth energy from one location to a person, animal, plant or place. We will explore this adept way of harnessing the Earth Colours.

The Alchemy of Water You will be shown how to make Harmonic Colour Healing Water above particular earth energies to imbue the water with Gaia’s healing power.


An assignment for the certificate can be found at the end of the course which Maria will describe during your last Skype Lesson.

You now have the knowledge of Master Dowsers and Chinese Geomants, which you can apply to help others to understand and to live in harmony with the Earth.