Dowsing Professionally – Level 2, Part 2 – Workshop

Whole Course – £210

Pay in instalments – £40


Gaia’s Colours
Gaia like the Sun emits rainbow colours. All of her earth energies emit energetic colours and a frequency and you will learn how to easily identify and interpret the polarity, colour and frequency of a line.

You will learn to identify and experience the energy colour flow at Avebury Henge. For example, a harmonic red line boosts energy and is fast flowing – not ideal for animals to be housed above or for humans to rest or sleep above as it will make you restless! Deer perceive magnetic blue energy lines, even during the darkest nights, as if they were lit and follow them making trails. The colour of an energy line or ley reveals a lot of information that the adept geomancer can interpret.

Learn the Art of Colour Dowsing
We will explore the meaning of the 12 sacred Earth colours and how the Earth colours influence the land.

Colour healing the land is a fascinating and gentle way of applying the Earth Colours to heal and negate toxic and stagnant energies -in the land or in the home. It is also a beautiful, non invasive healing system that is highly effective and is in complete harmony with Mother Earth.

Discovering Gaia’s spiritual colours
There are three main spiritual earth colours are emitted by shapes and also geospirals which marked the esoteric centre of a sacred site. Applying this ancient wisdom to our homes and constructs we can live amid Gaia’s healing but invisible colours.

DAY 2: We will explore how to apply the colours of the Earth to heal the land upon which we live and transfer Gaia’s healing colours

Colour Energy transference is a powerful technique that permits you to transfer positive colour earth energy from one place to another person, animal plant or place.

An example of working with the Gaia’s Earth Colours

Let’s say an earth current or ley line or a room in my home has a dominant colour of Yellow Magnetic – what would that mean?
Yellow magnetic lines are healthy and vibrant. They flow harmonically across the land and are strongly influenced by the sun’s movement. At sunrise they rise, energetically, to the surface, flow just beneath the ground and descend deeper into the earth at sunset.

By understanding the colour frequencies of ley lines and earth and water energies, you can spiritualize your home to live in harmony with the land.

One way of working with the Earth Colours is to spiritualise your home…Once you have ascertained the colours within the rooms by using the HFC aid, you can begin to work with the earth colours and spiritualize your home.

Here is a personal example. When I first moved into the house where I am living now, I naturally resonated with the land energies. However, after about 6 months I realized that I spent a lot of my time daydreaming and imagining situations, feeling good but achieving little. I colour divined my home and discovered the dominate, or ruling colour, was violet which is a high chakra and inspirational colour. A highly creative colour said to be the colour of poets, musicians, artists and writers as they can reach up to a higher dimension and pull down what they see. However, the polarity was electric/challenging. This dowsing result instantly explained my day dreaming fantasies. I realised that I need to ground the violet energies and make them work for me. Instead of rationalizing the situation, I divined the harmonic healing earth colour, which is very easy to do, and it was yellow – the colour of the intellect. I began to work with the vibrational harmonics of yellow. I introduced yellow in my living room, I got up early when the sun rose (representing yellow light rays), and I did ‘colour breathing’ exercises which are easy to apply. I created an office like area and began to write from the early morning to about sunset – staying within the parameters of yellow/sun energies. Within just 2 weeks when I divined the living area I dowsed violet again, but this time it was magnetic and harmonic. Instead of daydreaming, I became far more productive and the colour yellow made this possible. Once you know this colour healing process – you can apply it to many aspects of your life and even enhance the vibration of tap water by transforming it using colour!

HOW THE EARTH COLOURS AFFECT THE AURA AND THE EARTH’S AKASHIC RECORDS is in the manual which you can study after the weekend course.

We will also explore how we can connect to the memory of a houses or sacred site by attuning to the underground water that lies beneath the surface. Earth Colours are explored in relation to the human aura and how we can negate any adverse influences using the sacred healing colours.

An assignment for the certificate can be found at the end of the course which Maria will describe during your last Skype Lesson.

You now have the knowledge of Master Dowsers and Chinese Geomants, which you can apply to help others to understand, and to live in harmony with the Earth.