Dowsing Professionally – Level 2, Part 1 – Zoom 1-2-1

Whole Course – £385

Pay in instalments – £60

Divining The Earth Colours – Understanding Gaia

Master Practitioner Master Classes. Certificated Course (optional).

This 1-2-1 zoom course is the most comprehensive advanced dowsing course ever written on geodetic water energies and earth energies.

Divining the Earth, Understanding Gaia Part 1 consists of 7 one-hour 1-2-1 Master Classes and the course comes with an extensive PDF manual. You will also be shown PowerPoint presentations of particular types of earth energy.

Master Practitioner Divining the Earth Part 1 is a great course that explores the geodetic system of earth energies, and Maria is the world’s authority on these incredible energies. You will explore Genesis lines, aquastats, track lines, habitation spirals, vortex energy and the threefold energy pattern emitted by underground yin water. Furthermore, we will interact with our personal magnetic connection to Gaia. At the time of our birth, we unconsciously made a magnetic link to the Earth, which is known as a ‘Vivaxis connection’, and we will explore ways of tapping into our unique umbilical cord that ties us to our Earth Mother.

This course combines the legacy of four Master Dowsers’ work spanning over a century with new finds from Maria Wheatley. This fascinating and informative diploma certified dowsing course is designed for those who have a basic understanding of dowsing. Ideally, you would have completed Dowsing Professionally Level 1. The certification is optional as some students just like the knowledge and information.

For the course you will need:

  • A pair of dowsing rods.
  • Time to dowse for energy patterns – often at recommended locations.
  • You may like to take notes.

1-2-1 Advantages

You can decide if you want a class every week or every other week, as unlike group courses there is no set date or time,  or simply study at your own convenience. I am teaching from London Time and can make most time zone classes work.

Feel the energies, geodetic signatures

As well as teaching you how to dowse the silent but all-powerful water and earth energies, Maria encourages you to recognise an earth energy line or pattern by using your body – how does the energy make you feel? By attuning and making a connection to the energy, we can understand how the energy affects us and this enables interpretation of earth and water energies anywhere on Earth. I call the feelings that we get from the earth energies a ‘geodetic signature’. So, when we learn, for instance, eight different signatures, we can walk around a house, garden or sacred site and long before we dowse, we can feel the energies and thus begin to interpret them. More importantly, this is your relationship with getting to know Gaia…

Lesson 1 – Sacred Inner Waters of Gaia

Gaia has more surface water than solid land mass, and Gaia has more inner waters than surface water making Her fluidic. Maria will teach you how to recognise sacred yin water born deep within the Earth that is independent of rainfall by the three-fold earth energy pattern it emits. In Level 1 we explored the Geospiral energy pattern, however, this is just one part of the pattern that Yin water naturally emits.

You will discover the healing attributes of yin water, and how it can cleanse your own body-water of unwanted memories that block your spiritual and emotional progress. An adequate supply of living yin water, or water placed under particular geological conditions, will emit a three-fold pattern and each pattern has a particular energetic quality. Maria will show you a PowerPoint presentation that explains the energy and encourage you to find it. Maria will also discuss how this energy pattern dictated the circular city of Atlantis, the first church of Christendom at Glastonbury and Stonehenge.


The pattern

A geospiral pattern is surrounded by a circular and a semi-circular pattern. This energy pattern was integrated into sacred sites, pyramids and cities worldwide. One pattern is considered healing, another energetic and the other protective. Vast temple complexes like Karnak in Egypt integrated these sacred energies which react to light, sound and colour – which is explored in Level 2, Part 2. The pattern can also represent the Triple Goddess of Maiden, Mother and Crone.

Lunar Influences

The Moon’s phases affect the tides of the surface oceans and also the inner waters of the Earth. Interacting with these energy patterns that change with the phases of the Moon is a magical experience and each pattern reacts differently to the Moon, which will be discussed.

Maria will explain how earth energies, such as Mary and Michael yin and yang earth currents, resonate to a different element and she will describe the difference between their elemental and geological make up.

Lesson 2 – Geospiral Water Chakras. A deeper understanding of the Land

You will discover how the geospiral energy pattern and its different sized coils represent the chakra system. For example, a three and a half coiled geospiral represents the base chakra and a 7-coiled geospiral represents the heart chakra. Thus, we can explore ways of working with the geospiral in relation to our own chakras and the geospiral chakra of a sacred site. For instance, at Avebury, there is a 7-coiled geospiral – heart – emotion energy. At Serpent Mound a 3.5 coiled geospiral.

Lesson 3 – Geodetic Energies: Aquastats and Track Lines

The geodetic system of earth energies that relate to water comprises of the water line or stream band and this was covered in Level 1 as Yang Water. One of the most profoundly healing lines is an aquastat energy flow and you will learn how to recognise the difference between the two underground water flows.

However, when a water line and aquastat flow close to one another – this is called a Holy Line and the ancients located these lines and integrated them into their megalithic monuments. You will also be shown how to recognise an earth energy flow called a Track Line and explore how it can influence the physical body and the animal kingdom.

Lesson 4 – How Geodetic Energies flow through the Earth

Geodetic energies flow through the earth in different ways and the geology of the ground can influence their flow pattern. In relation to water lines, this has been known and written about since the late 1800s and I have added to the wealth of dowsing knowledge and will show you the marvellous energy flow patterns, how to interpret and work with them. The way in which an energy flows can reveal if it is fast flowing – or slowing down. Additionally, the flows influence those creatures that live above it, for good or for ill. The latter is NOT taught in group courses.

Lesson 5 – Healing Energy Patterns

In this lesson we will discuss Vortex Energy and explore the findings of several Master Dowsers. A vortex energy pattern is incredible to dowse and interact with. You will be shown a PowerPoint presentation on the energy pattern of a Vortex at exotic locations and over 25 years of research into the phenomena. To certain cultures, the Vortex is depicted as a powerful aspect of the Triple Goddess and we will see how temples incorporated the Vortex goddess energy into their holy temple spaces.


Lesson 6 – Genesis lines

At the time of writing, I have been exploring the concept of Genesis lines for over 23 years.

You will really like this balancing energy pattern and enjoy dowsing its serpentine path. A Genesis line is a hermaphrodite line – containing yin and yang energies that run side-by-side or blend as one. Unlike solar/lunar male/female earth currents, such as the Mary and Michael lines, a Genesis line (shown below) is both masculine and feminine born of Vortex energy. They emit balancing and harmonic energy as they flow. Many mound sites in the USA (see illustration) integrated this energy, as did the Megalithic architects of North-West Europe.

Lesson 7 – Attuning to your vivaxis. Your connection to the land upon which you were born

The vivaxis is the magnetic aspect of your being and it can be very healing. Your aura connects you to the Earth and to the place where you were born. This is a little-known fact even amongst even advanced holistic practitioners. All living creatures are invisibly connected to their birthplace by a magnetic ‘umbilical cord’ called a ‘vivaxis’– viva is Latin for life – and axis is a central line. This cord, discovered by Francis Nixon, literally plugs you into the Earth and its life-supporting energies, even if you move thousands of miles away. We will explore ways of connecting and attuning to your vivaxis to have a deep and intimate understanding of the land upon which you incarnated.

An assignment for the certificate can be found at the end of the course which Maria will discuss during the last Lesson.

You now have the knowledge of Master Dowsers and Chinese Geomants, which you can apply to help others to understand, and to live in harmony with the Earth. Blessed be.