Dowsing Professionally – Level 1 – Zoom Group Course

Whole Course – £220

Pay in instalments – £34

6th, 13th,20th October and 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th November, 6pm London time.

Can’t make the course? Watch the course’s tutorial video of the class instead.

This certificated course contains seven 1-hour lessons and comes with an extensive PDF dowsing manual, so no need to take notes during the Zoom Group lessons but you are welcome to take your own notes. The course is video recorded for your personal reference or if you are absent.

 Maria Wheatley is a Master Dowser who is the UKs leading authority on the Geodetic System of Earth Energies, deep water energies and ley lines.

This certificated course contains seven 1-hour lessons and comes with an extensive PDF dowsing manual, so no need to take notes during the Skype Group lessons but you are welcome to take your own notes.

For the course, you will need a pair of L-rods and a pendulum.

Gaia Dowsing

Dowsing is not just about finding earth energies or a dowsing target such as underground water. It is a deep and profound relationship with the Earth Mother, Gaia, you and your dowsing rod. Dowsing is interacting with her sacred energies and my approach is to honour Gaia and her energies by befriending them. Earth energies want to connect to us, understand our intent and relate to us and vice-versa.

Maria’s approach to dowsing is unlike other dowsers. ‘Gaia Dowsing’ – as Maria calls it – is the start of a meaningful relationship with Gaia, sacred sites and earth energies anywhere on Earth; even in your own home, a relationship with the earth or underground water can be formed. Maria will share with you her dowsing knowledge and spiritual understanding of earth energies. Reconnecting to Gaia is more important NOW than ever before…

Dowsing has a long history. In 2200 BC, the Emperor of China was a Master Dowser who could find substances and increase the fertility of the land.

Lesson 1 – Introduction to dowsing

We will find out what dowsing is and why anyone can do it! We will experiment with dowsing rods and discuss what causes the dowsing reaction from the ‘sixth’ sense’ to brain wave activity.

Developing mental dowsing skills: ‘frame of mind’ and visualisation

Simple mental principles, such as relaxed concentration, ‘frame of mind’ and visualisation are the key tools of successful dowsing. Students will gain a full understanding and in-depth awareness of the various mental disciplines required for successful dowsing and easy to follow exercises which encourage the discipline to develop.

Developing physical dowsing skills: Rod handling and how to hold a pendulum

Physical dowsing skills are explored so that you can master the key principles of dowsing such as: how to handle the rods and a pendulum correctly. How to check that you are ‘in balance’ before you begin a dowsing session. If you are out of balance, you cannot dowse efficiently resulting in incorrect answers.

Rod programming

How to establish ’yes’ and ‘no’ responses and how to recognise false or trick answers.

Sensing energies 

Maria will guide you to dedicate your rods to Gaia and how you can make a deep contact with earth and water energies. Once contact is made you can understand how certain earth and water energies make you feel – how you personally react to their energy field. This will help you to recognise and interpret energies where ever you are.

Lesson 2 – Information dowsing, directional dowsing and tracking

Information dowsing

How (and when) to ask the rods or pendulum a question is examined in detail. Unstructured questions will give very poor dowsing results and inaccuracy. We will discuss the importance of information dowsing and its key role in locating invisible targets and energies.

Directional dowsing and the ‘show me’ technique

Directional dowsing is an essential key skill which allows you to detect and locate large objects, such as a nearby church or school, to smaller objects, as well as invisible targets.

Using this skill, anything can be found from ley lines to an underground pipe. With practise, this skill will become second nature to you. We will explore several practical exercises which will encourage you to put the theory into practise and test this newly found skill. We will have some fun practising this ancient art in the comfort of your own home.

Establishing an accuracy reference point

Establishes the exact location of a dowsing target. We will programme the rod to react to your chosen accuracy reference point.

The essential art of tracking

Directional Dowsing gives you the direction of a given target and locates its position. Tracking allows you to follow the dowsing target, such as a ley line or underground stream.

You will be shown how to gain a practical understanding of tracking by following easy and fun exercises. Your first tracking exercise will be following an invisible global grid line! Maria has taught this technique for half of her life and will soon get you dowsing and following mysterious grid, water and earth energies.

Map dowsing

Using a pendulum to locate places, peoples or substances in relation to a map. This is an optional exercise which is covered in the manual.

Remanence dowsing

How to trace the etheric outline of an object long gone, or how to follow the invisible trail of someone’s steps when they are not insight is easy to master by following simple precepts. This is an optional exercise which is covered in the manual.

Lesson 3 – Yin and yang underground water

I was taught that there are two-types of water. One is male and the other is female. Underground yin (female) water is born deep within the Earth and is independent of rainfall and its energetic pattern emits a healing field. Old dowsers called yin water Primary water but did not realise it was Female. It’s harmonic surface pattern manifests as a spiral called a Geospiral.

We will learn how to interact with this water energy and how it affects a particular side of the body, and learn to recognise its geo-signature-how it makes you feel. Discover the power of Yin Water anywhere on Earth.

Yang water – geopathic stress

Rainwater which falls and fills up the underground streams and aquifers emits a distinctive surface pattern and geopathic stress – which is not good to live above long term. We will explore how to locate and interact with this type of water energy.

Energy Transference

If there is positive earth energy on a property we can transfer the energy to a person to empower or to heal. We can also transfer the positive energy to a chosen area. Maria created and developed this practice which many students find fascinating, healing and rewarding. This will be discussed in your 1-2-1 Skype as it is very important to be able to transfer life enhancing earth energy.

The esoteric centre of a sacred site was determined by a geospiral marking deep yin water

Lesson 4 – Global Grid Systems

Healing the home of  toxic grid lines – geopathic stress zones

You will learn how to identify, locate and dowse the three major global grid systems that can produce geopathic stress zones and how to live in harmony with Gaia’s linear lines.

You will be able to locate the crossing points of the major grid systems and identify any injurious points with your body, hands and dowsing rod or pendulum.

Interacting with: The Hartmann Grid, The Curry Net and the Benker Grid System.

You will learn how your body responds to the energy lines and the crossing points. This enables you to identify the energy and dowsing will confirm your reaction.

Maria will show you the easiest way to dowse the lines born of 25 years of dowsing experience.

Lesson 5 – Geo-chimneys 

All energy lines and patterns can be understood and recognised by their harmonic surface pattern,

learn to identify and interact with powerful earth energies


These are high-energy points which emit a particular pattern that interlaces the Earth. These are Gaia’s breathing points. Evidence from Europe shows that this energy pattern was integrated into large churches, cathedrals and temples. However, they can produce a form of geopathic stress.

Earth Springs or power points

These are active positive locations which have an outpouring of negative ions which are conducive to good health. This is an optional exercise which is covered in the manual.

Lesson 6 – Ley lines and earth energies

We will explore the phenomenon of ley lines and how major leys have entwining yin and yang earth currents. Interacting with these energies can be beneficial to our health and well-being and they are Gaia’s living energies that interlace the planet. You will be shown how to find leys in your locality and how to search for the yin and yang currents.

Lesson 7

High-frequency dowsing for energy levels of humans and plants and aura colour readings

We will explore how dowsing can be used to interpret the frequencies of food, people and places. Also, we will explore the art of reading and interpreting the colours of the aura using a pendulum and a colour aid.

For your professional certificate, you will need to complete a dowsing assignment which will be explained during your personal tuition.