Dowsing Professionally – Level 1 – Workshop

Whole Course – £240

Pay in instalments – £40

27th and 28th of July 2024

Learn to dowse with Maria at Avebury Henge, West Kennet long barrow and the Sanctuary and experience the powerful earth and ley energies.

Once a year, Maria Wheatley leads a Level 1 Dowsing Professionally at Avebury Henge. This practical hands-on dowsing course consists of a 2-day weekend course. You will also receive an extensive PDF manual so there is no need to take notes.

Avebury Henge is a dowsing university. Our distant ancestors integrated yin and yang water, geospirals the Mary and Michael earth currents, ley lines and Geo-chimneys into the foundation plan of this wonderful stone temple.

Dowsing is not just about finding earth energies or a dowsing target such as underground water. It is a deep and profound relationship with the Earth Mother, Gaia, you and your dowsing rod. Dowsing is interacting with her sacred energies and my approach is to honour Gaia and her energies by befriending them. Earth energies want to connect to us, understand our intent and relate to us and vice-versa.

Maria’s approach to dowsing is unlike other dowsers. ‘Gaia Dowsing’ – as Maria calls it – is the start of a meaningful relationship with Gaia, sacred sites and earth energies anywhere on Earth; even in your own home, a relationship with the earth or underground water can be formed. Maria will share with you her dowsing knowledge and spiritual understanding of earth energies. Reconnecting to Gaia is more important NOW than ever before…

You will learn how to hold and programme dowsing rods and how to information and track dowse. We will dedicate our dowsing instruments to Gaia, after which we will learn the simple yet effective dowsing principles which are:-


  • How to hold dowsing rods.
  • How to use directional dowsing.
  • How to track an energy such as a ley line or underground water.
  • How fo feel for the energies with our hands, feet or body.

Interacting with diverse energies:


  • Underground yin and yang water.
  • The Mary and Michael earth currents.
  • The planetary Ley Line that links Avebury to Stonehenge – and other sacred sites to the planets above.
  • The St Michael Ley Line.
  • Healing branch spirals.
  • Energy transference.
  • Geospirals.
  • Geochimneys.
  • The Hartmann Grid system.
  • The Curry Net
  • The Benker Grid.
  • Fissure Systems.
  • You will also learn how to work with the METAPHYSICAL attributes of underground water and how to work with the Akashic Record of Place through the flowing waters.
  • For a detailed look at the course go to the Dowsing Level 1: 1-2-1 Skype Course explains the lessons in detail.

We will also visit and interact with the branch spirals which are life enhancing water energies of the West Kennet long barrow. This Neolithic stone monument is one of the oldest monuments in the ceremonial landscape and predates Avebury’s stone circles by one thousand years.

Maria is a trained Druid and has studied with the British Druid Order and will introduce some of the sacred ancient ways of the Old Celts to the course giving you sacred teaches as well as dowsing tuition. 


Accomodation for the weekend course


Maria recommends The Avebury Life bed and breakfast: Please book early as it books up fast!


What to bring

Please bring a pair of dowsing rods and a pendulum. Dowsing rods are available to buy at The Henge Shop, Avebury. Maria recommends the Henge Shop dowsing rods and the Henge Shop have all Maria’s books and posters. Or, simply email Maria and request to lend a pair of her dowsing rods for the weekend duration and to be returned afterwards.



Clothing and lunch


Please wear sensible walking shoes, have a good coat even if in the summer, as it may rain and bring a packed lunch. Or, there are two places to eat at Avebury, a cafe and a pub. Please order cold food at the Red Lion Inn,  as it gets very busy at the weekends, and may take some time to be delivered. We only have one-hour for lunch.


The Earth Energy Perspective – more dowsing experiences with Maria


For more dowsing courses, please go to The Avebury Experience as Maria Wheatley runs several dowsing-earth energy trips to sacred sites from Stonehenge to Malta.




We will discover the energies of the West Kennet long barrow.