Avebury Planting with Earth Energies and Ancient Farming Practices – Workshop


Avebury Planting with Earth Energies and Ancient Farming Practices

August 6th 2022. 10.30 am – 3 pm.

This workshop explores the ancient ways of incorporating earth energies in food production and gardening. We explore the hidden secrets of the land and understand the dynamics of enhancing seed germination (After Burke et al).

At Avebury Maria will discuss the earth energies that are not conducive to some plant growth and life forms and will present well-researched evidence by an agricultural scientist to explain why. We will look at plants that like and strive upon grid energies.

Ancient Bronze Age farming methods incorporated earth energies that were exceptionally conducive to plant growth and they laid out their farms accordingly. Whilst studying at Oxford University Continuing Education, Maria noted an agricultural pattern in the landscape that was repeated across Wessex that included a particular type of monument that assists seed germination. Late Bronze Age corn yield could not be surpassed until the 1950s with the advent of chemical fertilisers is a testimony to the success of prehistoric farming techniques. We will explore the monuments, planetary magnetic storms and earth energies all of which enhance plant production.

To encourage plants to grow healthy the ancients knew ‘where’ to plant and we will explore the energies that were incorporated into ancient farming landscapes/fields. Maria will show you how to find them via dowsing and to interact with Gaia’s sacred energies. Working in Harmony with Gaia is the way forward…