Bespoke Courses

On several occasions I have been asked by architects, healers and sensitives to put together a dowsing and earth energy course tailored to their personal needs, interests and requirements.

For instance, one student required a course that looked in depth at earth and water energies, leys and grid lines only. Whilst another student wanted the above but also how the colours of the earth affect the aura and occupants of a house and the land. Instead of taking all my dowsing courses, they wanted a combination of the three professional dowsing courses.

For a bespoke course, email and we can arrange a free Skype consultation to discuss your personalised bespoke course.

Educational Tours

If you require a tour of Avebury, Stonehenge, Glastonbury or other sacred sites across the British Isles or Europe – I lead tours to France, Malta and Sardinia, I can combine the tour with a professional certificate in Dowsing, Past Life Regression, Druidic Soul Star Astrology, Tarot or Working with Gaia’s Energies.


Email for more information.