Dowsing Profesionally

Level 2 certificated course

The most comprehensive dowsing course ever written on geodetic water energies and earth energies. It also explores the Earth Colours – the hidden colours of ley lines, geospirals and earth energies and how their colour frequencies affect the land, houses and all living organisms.

This course combines the legacy of four Master Dowsers’ work spanning over a century with new finds from Maria Wheatley.

This fascinating and informative certified Skype course is designed for those who have a basic understanding of dowsing.

You need to know how to dowse ley lines and their entwining earth currents, geospirals (yin water), underground streams (yang water), and geo-chimneys. However, these dowsing skills are not necessary as Maria will tutor you to the required level but this may need two additional Skype lessons to cover basic dowsing skills. Ideally, you would have completed Dowsing Professionally Level 1.

This unique and advanced dowsing course consists of 7 one-hour personal lessons and comes with an extensive PDF manual so there is no need to take notes during our Skype lessons.

We will explore the powerful earth energies and water energies which are known as the Geodetic System of Earth Energies. We will also locate and discuss Genesis lines and the threefold energy pattern emitted by underground yin water.

Furthermore, we will interact with our personal magnetic connection to Gaia. At the time of our birth, we unconsciously made a magnetic link to the Earth which is known as a ‘Vivaxis connection’ and we will explore ways of tapping into our unique umbilical cord that ties us to our Earth Mother.

Feel the energies, geodetic signatures

As well as teaching you how to dowse the silent but all-powerful water and earth energies, Maria encourages you to recognise an earth energy line or pattern by using your body – how does the energy make you feel? By attuning and making a connection to the energy, we can understand how the energy affects us and this enables interpretation of earth and water energies anywhere on Earth. 

I call the feelings we get from the land ‘geodetic signatures’. So when we learn, for instance, eight different signatures we can walk around a house, garden or sacred site and long before we dowse, we can feel the energies and thus begin to interpret them.

Lesson 1 – Sacred Inner Water

You will learn how to recognise sacred yin water born deep within the Earth which is independent of rainfall by the three-fold earth energy pattern it emits. You will discover the healing attributes of yin water, and how it can cleanse your own body-water of unwanted memories that block your spiritual and emotional progress.

An adequate supply of living yin water or water placed under particular conditions will emit this pattern. Larger volumes emit a different pattern.

The three-fold energy pattern of living yin water

A geospiral pattern is surrounded by a circular pattern and a semi-circular pattern known as a Primary and Secondary halo respectively. This earth pattern was integrated into sacred sites, pyramids and walled cities. One pattern is considered healing, another energetic and the other protective. Vast temple complexes like Karnak in Egypt integrated these sacred energies which react to light, sound and colour.

Lunar Influences

The Moon’s phases affect the tides of the surface oceans and also the inner waters of the Earth. Interacting with these energy patterns that change with the phases of the Moon is a magical experience. Their energies imbue a location with different energies at different Moon phases.

The movement of the inner waters generates a vast energy field some of which is locked into rock deep below the surface. When under sustained pressure it can change its chemical proprieties and this water is energetically rich, making its biomagnetic surface pattern intense.

Inner seas, vast oceans and geological pressures

The Earth’s inner waters can change their energetic patterns under particular stresses and Maria Wheatley will guide you through the Esoteric Principles of Gaia’s deep water. This fascinating section of the course is not taught anywhere else in the World and is born of over 40 years of combined dowsing experience spanning two generations. This is one of Maria Wheatley’s major contributions to Esoteric Water Divining – how to locate a yin river and the pattern that two crossing yin rivers make is exceptionally powerful.

Maria will explain how earth energies, such as Mary and Michael yin and yang earth currents, are born of a different element and describe the difference between their elemental and geological make up.

Lesson 2 – Geospiral earth chakras

We will discover how the geospiral pattern and its many different sized coils represent the chakra system. For example, a three and a half coiled geospiral represents the base chakra and a 7-coiled geospiral represents the heart chakra. This work goes back nearly 80 years.

Water that causes chronic geopathic stress zones

Where two yang streams cross at a particular angle will produce intense geopathic stress. Learn to dowse the pattern and how the Masons use(d) it to keep people ‘dumped down’.

Water that causes harmonic healing zones

We will explore the harmonic healing crossing point of two yin streams and the energy they release which is beneficial to all living organisms. This is one of Maria Wheatley’s major contributions to Esoteric Water Divining.

Lesson 3 – Aquastats and track lines

The geodetic system of earth energies that relate to water comprise of the water line, the aquastat energy flow and we will also explore the Track Line-an earth energy flow. We will learn how to identify these powerful energies.

How geodetic energies flow through the earth

We will explore the ways in which earth energies flow through the Earth and why they produce particular energy patterns. You will also be shown Holy Lines and why they were deemed alchemic by our ancestors.

Yin water can produce this pattern

Lesson 4 – Genesis lines

At the time of writing, we have been exploring the concept of Genesis lines for over 23 years

We will explore this extraordinary earth energy flow and learn to follow its serpentine path.

A Genesis line is a hermaphrodite line – containing yin and yang energies that run side-by-side or blend as one. They emit balancing and harmonic energy as they flow.

Many mound sites in the USA (see illustration) integrated this energy, as did the Megalithic architects of North West Europe.

Lesson 5 –  Attuning to your vivaxis

The Vivaxis is the magnetic aspect of your being. Your aura connects you to the Earth and to the place where you were born. This is a little-known fact even amongst advanced holistic practitioners.

All living creatures are invisibly connected to their birthplace by a magnetic ‘umbilical cord’ called a ‘vivaxis’– viva is Latin for life – and axis is a central line.

This cord, discovered by Francis Nixon, literally plugs you into the Earth and its life-supporting energies, even if you move thousands of miles away. We will explore ways of connecting and attuning to your vivaxis to have a deep and intimate understanding of the land upon which you incarnated.

Lesson 6 – Colour dowsing – a hidden rainbow world

The Earth Colours

All earth energies emit an energetic colour and a frequency; although one dominant colour prevails.

We will learn to identity and interpret the energy colour flow. For example, a harmonic red line boosts energy and is fast flowing – not ideal for animals to be housed above or us humans as it will make us restless!

Deer perceive magnetic blue energy lines, even during the darkest nights, as if they were lit and follow them making trails. The colour of an energy line or ley reveals a lot of information that the adept geomancer can interpret.

Learn the Art of Colour Dowsing

We will explore the meaning of the 12 sacred Earth colours and how the Earth colours influence the land.

Colour healing the land is a fascinating and gentle way of applying the Earth Colours to heal and negate toxic and stagnant energies in the land or in the home. It is also a beautiful, non invasive healing system that is highly effective and is in complete harmony with Mother Earth.

Discovering Gaia’s spiritual colours

Three powerful spiritual earth colours are emitted by shapes and also by some geospirals which marked the esoteric centre of a sacred site. Applying this ancient wisdom to our homes and constructs we can live amid Gaia’s healing but invisible colours.

Colour Energy transference is a powerful technique that permits you to transfer positive types of earth energy from one location to another person, animal, plant or place. We will explore this adept way of harnessing the Earth Colours.

An example of working with the Gaia’s Earth Colours

Let’s say an earth current, ley line, or a room in my home has a dominant colour of Yellow Magnetic – what would that mean? Yellow magnetic lines are healthy and vibrant. They flow harmonically across the land and are strongly influenced by the sun’s movement. At sunrise they rise, energetically, to the surface, flow just beneath the ground and descend deeper into the earth at sunset.

By understanding the colour frequencies of ley lines and earth and water energies, you can spiritualize your home to live in harmony with the land.

Learn to spiritualize your home

One way of working with the Earth Colours is to spiritualise your home.

Once you have ascertained the colours within each room by using the HFC aid, you can begin to work with the earth colours and spiritualise your home.

Here is a personal example.

When I first moved into the house, I naturally resonated with the land energies. However, after about 6 months I realized that I spent a lot of my time daydreaming and imagining situations, feeling good but achieving little. I colour divined my home and discovered the dominate, or ruling colour, was violet which is a high chakra and inspirational colour. A highly creative colour said to be the colour of poets, musicians, artists and writers as they can reach up to a higher dimension and pull down what they see. However, the polarity was electric/challenging. This dowsing result instantly explained my day dreaming fantasies. I realised that I need to ground the violet energies and make them work for me. Instead of rationalizing the situation, I divined the harmonic healing earth colour, which is very easy to do, and it was yellow – the colour of the intellect. I began to work with the vibrational harmonics of yellow. I introduced yellow in my living room, I got up early when the sun rose (representing yellow light rays), and I did ‘colour breathing’ exercises which are easy to do. I created an office like area and began to write from the early morning to about sunset – staying within the parameters of yellow/sun energies. Within just 2 weeks when I divined the living area I dowsed violet again, but this time it was magnetic and harmonic. Instead of daydreaming, I became far more productive and the colour yellow made this possible. Once you know this colour healing process – you can apply it to many aspects of your life and even enhance the vibration of tap water by transforming it using colour!

Lesson 7 – How the earth colours affect the aura and the Earth’s akashic records

We will also explore how we can connect to the memory of a house or sacred site by attuning to the underground water that lies beneath the surface. Earth Colours are explored in relation to the human aura and how we can negate any adverse influences using the sacred healing colours.

An assignment for the certificate can be found at the end of the course which Maria will describe during your last Skype Lesson.

You now have the knowledge of Master Dowsers and Chinese Geomants, which you can apply to help others to understand,

and to live in harmony with the Earth.

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