Working with Gaia’s Inner Waters

Discover the therapeutic properties of Earth’s deep inner waters; how they can help us to cleanse our own body water and help the body to heal itself.

Ideally you need to know how to dowse the inner water’s energy pattern. If you cannot I can simply tell you where to find the inner waters where you live, so you can begin to work with this divine, healing and alchemic energy.

How underground water affects a house by holding onto past memories, how to attune to the water and transfer positive healing water energy into the water affecting the home.

LESSON 1 – Attuning to the light within the water. Locating underground water; yin, yang and combination waters.

LESSON 2 – How to cleanse your own body water above deep underground yin water and releasing old unwanted memories. How to attune to the inner waters to understand the memory of a house, construct or the land. How to cleanse the memories of a house or construct.

LESSON 3 – Divining the colour of water and how to increase its frequency using a dowsing instrument or your hands.

LESSON 4 – Learning to locate flowing yin rivers and fast flowing deep waters by the harmonic surface pattern it emits.

An assignment for the certificate can be found at the end of the course

COST £120 for this fascinating Skype course.