High Frequency Colour Dowsing



The fascinating course looks beyond the earth energy or ley line to the wonderful earth colours it emits. Consisting  of six one-hour lessons, this course comes with an extensive PDF dowsing manual and a colour dowsing aid designed by Maria Wheatley.

Aspects of this are covered in the Master Practitioner Course Level 2 but you can take this course if you already have dowsing experience or simply want to learn how to use colour to heal the home.

Maria Wheatley was taught how to colour dowse earth energies in the 1990s and draws upon decades of experience. She has enhanced the way to dowse for the colour frequency of water; and more importantly designed a colour dowsing aid that describes how earth colours affect people, plants and animals. it is simple and very easy to use.

You will need

A pair of L-rods, a pendulum and a dowsing colour aid (supplied dowsing aid will be emailed).

This course explores in detail Gaia’s 12 colours. Once we understand the colour harmonics of ley lines and earth energies, we can work with their light energies to cleanse and heal the land or your home. We can also use Gaia’s colours to communicate with the land and understand its hidden frequencies and dynamics.

The Earth Colours

All water and earth energies emit an energetic colour and a frequency although one dominant colour prevails. We will learn to identity and interpret the energy colour flows. A harmonic red line boosts energy and is fast flowing – not ideal for animals to be housed above or us humans!

Deer follow protective blue lines in woods and through open countryside and animals in the wild perceive magnetic blue energy lines, even during the darkest nights, as if they were lit.Lessons 1-3

Lessons 1-3

We will explore the art of Colour Dowsing and the meaning of the 12 sacred Earth colours.

• How the Earth colours influence the land

• Colour healing the land by applying the Earth Colours to heal and negate toxic and stagnant energies – in the land or in the home – is a beautiful non-invasive yet highly effective way to harmonise energies. Communicate with the Earth and let Gaia decide which one of her colours she wants to work with. No need to harshly disturb her energy system by moving energy lines or underground streams; simply let your Earth Mother decide. She is 4 billion years old and is far more aware of her needs that you or I!

• We will discover the harmonic threefold colours of Geospirals, Stone Circles and temple spaces. There are three main spiritual earth colours and these are emitted by geospirals chosen to mark the esoteric centre of a sacred site.

Lessons 4-6

Colour dowsing reveals how living organisms are affected by ley and earth energy colour frequencies. Several people may live above the same energy line but each individual may respond differently to its colour harmonics. Maria Wheatley discovered how Colour Dowsing can accurately reveal how the energy is influencing an individual’s auric field as the subtle bodies are especially sensitive to earth energy.

Hauntings and other psychic phenomenon are attractive to particular earth colours, all of which can be harmonised and healed.

We will also explore how the earth colours can be used to understand the mineral properties of underground water.

How to enhance ordinary tap or bottle water by using colour to increase its living force.

An assignment for the certificate can be found at the end of the course

Whole course: £120

Pay in 6 installments: £40 per lesson